Assembly Capability

Flexability is Key

Provide a standard bond diagram, your device for package, and substrate materials. We’ll do the rest.

Or, pick and choose from the process steps available here to customize your requirements.


Standard Process Steps

  • Dicing - wafer, ceramic, laminate
  • Die sort – mass die eject into waffle tray, gel pack
  • Optical inspection – commercial grade
  • Device attach – Epoxy, soft solder, eutectic, silver filled glass
  • Curing – Low temperature cure, high temperature OBO & Firing
  • Wirebond – standard and fine pitch thermosonic gold ball bonding,
  • Sealing/Encapsulation – Conformal coating, B-stage epoxy seal, high temperature glass frit seal, inert atmosphere reflow, pot & dam, custom product transfer molding
  • Branding – Laser ablation, etching
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