Ceramic and Hermetic Package Assembly
The oldest and one of the most reliable forms of packaging an IC device, a ceramic or hermetic package usually consists of a base, metal pin I/O contact, and a lid or cover to protect and seal off the finalized assembly.

Process step requirements

Whether your device requires a solder seal, glass frit sealing, or B-stage epoxy curing, Pin 1 can assemble it to your specification.

  • Sealing of metal-ized ceramic packages with solder utilizes an inert atmosphere and reflow oven profile.
  • Ceramic packages like dual-in-lines, or chip carriers with glass seal lids require high temperature sealing in CDA environment, with or without a pre-seal bake for moisture control.
  • Beryllium oxide based or ceramic based substrates that use a B-Stage epoxy as lid sealant will require a pre-heat and reflow prior to final cure.
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