Open Cavity Package Assembly

One of the simplest and fastest ways to package any device. A clean gold, silver or non-plated open cavity package can be completely assembled in a matter of hours. Packages can be left “open” for inspection, probe test, signal tweaking, or sealed using lids or a cured potting fluid.

Open Cavity Categories

  • Newly molded packages with exposed die and lead pads, of which only the lead fingers need a minimum silver or gold thickness for wire bond-ability.
  • Etched open, hollowed out, or “scooped” packages with spot silver plating still intact in lead finger areas.
  • Ceramic, FR4 or BeO substrates with clean gold plated bond sites.
  • Flat packs, leaded/leadless chip carriers, and cerquads are some of the many alternate options to use for evaluating new IC devices or designs.


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