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Solder Reflow Sealing

IC devices are hermetically and permanently sealed using solder reflow. This is accomplished in an inert atmosphere with sealing profile customized to each particular metal ceramic package.

High Temp Glass Frit Sealing

Also hermetic and permanent, devices are enclosed within a ceramic body using high temperature frit sealing glass.

B-Stage Epoxy Seal

Attaching lids to bases, B-Stage epoxy adhesion is activated via low temperature heating. The finished device is usually not considered hermetic nor permanent since the B-Stage can gap during heating and can also be reworked or removed “easily”.

Pot and Dam

This process consists of using 2 mated materials. The damming material retains its dispensed size, shape and height, forming a containment barrier for the potting material. Potting compound is then dispensed into the space formed by the dam until the IC device is covered. Both materials are then simultaneously cured until hardened.


Solder Reflow Sealing


High Temp Glass

Frit Sealing


B-Stage Epoxy Seal


Pot and Dam


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